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The Bainbridge Island Land Trust protects and preserves private property as well as acquires land for parks and trails.
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The Bainbridge Island Land Trust protects and preserves private property as well as acquires land for parks and trails.

Bainbridge Island BioBlitz

Thanks for Making the 2016 Bainbridge Island BioBlitz a Success!

On Saturday, May 14th, IslandWood and the Bainbridge Island Land Trust hosted the second-ever Bainbridge Island BioBlitz, inviting members of the community of all ages and backgrounds to take part in a race against the clock to identify as many species as possible in 24-hours.

A huge thank you goes out to those who gave their time and talent to make the BioBlitz happen. Whether you led a Taxa Team, volunteered at Base Camp, or ventured into the field with a team, the BioBlitz could not happen without you. Thank you!

The data collected during the BioBlitz is invaluable to the Land Trust, and helps inform our management strategies on conserved properties. This year, data collected helped inform us on management strategies for such properties as the Hilltop Meadow.

As of July, the number of individual species identified during the 2016 BioBlitz reached 431, with identifications still coming in from iNaturalist and other sources. Last year's event identified 454. Members of the public gathered on June 29th at IslandWood to hear a final species tally and stories from the field.

To view the compiled species list in an Excel spreadsheet, click here. Each tab corresponds to a unique taxa. If you have trouble viewing the file, or if you have any questions regarding the BioBlitz data, please contact

In the meantime, take a peek at all of the citizen science fun that took place out in the field!

Having trouble viewing the slideshow? Click here.


About the 2016 Bainbridge Island BioBlitz

We've done it again, and this time, we've gone national. National Geographic has partnered up with us to host THE most intensive field study survey our island has ever seen. A BioBlitz is an intensive race against the clock to identify as many species as possible on three very unique properties: IslandWood, The Grand Forest/Hilltop Meadow and Blakely Harbor Park. 

Are you an adult who never grew out of your sense of curiosity for the natural world? Do you have kids who are always asking "what's that?" or bringing home living things in buckets, jars or nets? The BioBlitz is for you!

Volunteer participants can sign up to join a Taxa Team to search for and identify species of plants, animals, insects, fungi, and everything in between! This is a perfect opportunity to learn more about what's living in your own backyard here on Bainbridge Island.

You can sign-up for as many "taxa-teams" as your day allows. This event is an all-ages, family-friendly, novices-welcome sort of day. You be the gauge at what holds you and/or your  kids' interest and for how long.

IslandWood's gorgeous Welcome Center transforms as our "Base Camp" for the day.  Teams that are surveying at IslandWood and Blakely Harbor will meet-up at Base Camp. Teams surveying the Grand Forest/Hilltop will meet at Prue's House at Hilltop. ALL participants are welcome back for our 5pm after-party (with snacks) to celebrate our hard work and amazing discoveries!  The public is also welcome to join the fun at Base Camp, even without joining a team.  We'll have plenty of activities for everyone thanks to our friends at these partner organizations:
  • Burke Museum
  • Woodland Park Zoo
  • West Sound Wildlife Shelter
  • Nature Journaling, botanical drawing, and more.

Tune in to this Bainbridge Community Broadcasting podcast and hear more about this exciting citizen science event!

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